OK Go performs in zero-gravity for Upside Down & Inside Out music video

Music: director and choreographer Trish Sie tells Dezeen about how she worked with US band OK Go to create the gravity-defying stunts in the music video for the track Upside Down & Inside Out (+ interview).

The video sees the four-piece rock band perform a routine choreographed by Sie while experiencing weightlessness inside a moving plane.

The band members and a cabin crew release colourful objects and disco balls, before popping paint-filled balloons, all while under zero-gravity conditions.

“What’s the most fun thing you can do with an airplane? Fly around in zero-gravity, of course!” Sie told Dezeen.

Sie is the sister of OK Go’s vocalist Damien Kulash and has worked with the band on many of its music videos. Her choreography and direction for the video filmed on treadmills that accompanies the 2006 track Here It Goes Again won a Grammy Award for Best Music Video

.For Upside Down & Inside Out, the duo revisited a zero-gravity experience they had at Florida’s Cape Canaveral.

“We loved the idea that an entire video might be made in a weightless environment,” said Sie.

When Russian airline S7 approached the band to collaborate, Sie and Kulash pitched the idea and the company surprisingly went for it.”It was incredible that S7 had the open minds and the guts enough to say yes and to let us do it,” Sie said. “They were very progressive and brave, allowing us to experiment, play, and approach this entire thing with a highly unorthodox process

.”The plane achieves zero-gravity by flying a manoeuvre that tosses passengers up in the air and then follows then down as it descends, creating up to 30 seconds of weightlessness.”It’s akin to the feeling you get if you jump really high in an elevator as it descends,” said Sie. “In this case, it just happens on a much bigger scale.

“For the shoot, the team transformed the interior of the industrial military aircraft to look like a passenger jet by adding overhead bins and bus seats.

During the video, piñatas filled with rubber bouncy balls wrapped in cellophane and small plastic farm animals explode to create colourful chaos in the weightless environment.

The effect appears seamless, but Sie explained that filming was somewhat challenging.

“The crew was all floating and drifting around as soon as zero-gravity hit,” she said. “It took quite a bit of experimentation. We ended up slowing the song’s playback by exactly 28.47 per cent so that the musical phrases fit neatly inside the length of a weightless period.

“Upside Down & Inside Out is taken from OK Go’s album Hungry Ghosts, released in 2014.

Source: OK Go performs in zero-gravity for Upside Down & Inside Out