By Tyler Troost

Dustin Kensrue from Orange Country, California was first heard in 1999 when his band “Thrice” self-released 1,000 copies of their first album which was an EP titled “First Impressions”.

In 2000 they released their first full length album titled “Identity Crisis”.  It is now 2016 and from listening to all their albums from oldest to newest you can really hear the maturity through the music.

This is a Dustin Kensrue solo album, but I thought you should know the story of his origin, before I get into his solo career.  In 2007,  Dustin decided to pick up the acoustic guitar & make his first solo album named “Please Come Home”.  This new album is his 5th solo album release in which he decided to make his first   cover album & he decided to record live.

The album is cleverly named Thoughts That Float On A Different Blood because it is a cover album.

He puts the Dustin Kensrue spin on the songs that he covers on this album.  The whole album is just an acoustic guitar & his voice, but still powerful as hell!  The dynamic range he uses on this album is great; Not only on his voice, but his guitar as well.   Dynamic range really makes music more interesting & gives it more soul.

  Songs on the album you might be familiar with are Cold War Kid’s Hospital Beds, Radiohead’s Creep, Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, & Brand New’s Jesus Christ.

Check out the album on Spotify or legally listen to it on youtube .


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