I Will Survive’ first survey exhibition of Portuguese artist Joanna Vasconcelos. (Credits: Nils Jorgensen/Rex / Rex USA)

Contemporary Terracotta Warriors No 9 by Yue Minjun. (Credits: Clarke/Getty)

A sculpture by Chinese artist Chen Wenling titled ‘What You See Might Not Be Real’. The artwork is a critique of the global financial crisis with the bull representing the golden bull of Wall Street, and the man pinned to the wall representing the jailed financier Bernie Madoff. (Credits: Ng Han Guan/AP)

A giant sculpture by Austrian artist Andre Heller at the World Wide Fund for Nature pavilion at the Expo ground in Hanover, Germany. (Credits: Stache/AP)

An installation art work entitled “Leviathanation” by Huang Yongping featuring a giant fish head made from fiberglass, stuffed animals and a train, displayed at a gallery in Beijing, China. (Credits: Guan/AP)

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes make for an interesting sculpture in the main fountain area of Rockefeller Center. (Credits: Monaster for News)

Italian artist Giancarlo Neri’s ‘The Writer’ is located in London’s Hampstead Heath. The chair is 33 feet high, and the table 29 feet high and is made of wood and steel. (Credits: Nash/AP)

A sculpture called ‘Walking to the Sky’ by Jonathan Borofsky is displayed at Rockefeller Center. (Credits: Albans for News)

Sculpture made by wires and coloring. Created by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

Street Art Miniature Sculpture by Isaac Cordal

Large spider made of bronze called ‘Maman’, created by French artist Louise Bourgeois. (Photo credits: Tsuno/Getty/AFP) – See more of his works on Artsy.net

A horse sculpture called ‘Atlantis’, made from fallen Dartmoor oak by artist Heather Jansch. (Credits: Macdiarmid/Getty)

Ron Mueck’s ‘Woman With Sticks’ installation at Belsay Hall in United Kingdom. (Credits: Kendall/Getty)

Mueck’s hyper-realistic sculpture entitled ‘Still Life’. (Credits: Wegat/Getty)

“Würsa (at 18,000 km above the Earth)” by Daniel Firman (via dalbera )

Tub shaped like a woman’s shoe designed by label Maronese. This sculpture was on display at the international leading furniture fair IMM in Colgogne, Germany in January 2010. (Credits: Meissner/AP)

Sculptural work by Japanese artist Motohiko Odani

Artist Tessa Farmer’s ‘Swarm’ sculpture, featuring tiny skeletons riding a giant insect. (Credits: Jorgensen/Rex / Rex USA)

This life-size tiger is a work of Cai Quo-qiang, a China-born artist known for his pyrotechnic displays and gunpowder drawings. (Credits: Yeh/Getty)


Source: Most Crazy Sculptures | eMORFES


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