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Caleb - Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Caleb Singer/Songwriter/Musician From NY to LA,  Brighton, England to The Hague, Caleb has performed in a variety of interesting places. The diversity of venues he’s played spans the spectrum from Zsa Zsa Gabor’s mansion at 1000 Bel Aire Drive in Hollywood, to the Stonewall Inn in NYC to the Minneapolis Convention Center in MN and the Peace Palace in The Hague. Since July, 2011, Caleb has been working with famed […]



Deqn Sue: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Deqn Sue October 5, 2015  by BOB BOILEN • Deqn Sue rose above a crowd of close to 7,000 entries and almost won our Tiny Desk Concert Contest earlier this year. I so loved her song and her performance of “Magenta” that I invited Deqn Sue — along with her producer, Kelvin Wooten — to my desk to perform that song and more.What you’ll hear is a witty soul and a […]


Relive the Gritty Glory of CBGB in New RS Mini-Doc About Seventies NYC | Rolling Stone

Relive the Gritty Glory of CBGB in New RS Mini-Doc About Seventies NYC Watch the first installment of our new video series presented by ‘Vinyl’ BY ROLLING STONE February 10, 2016 S Relive the gross, gritty glory of CBGB in the first installment of ‘1973: Shaping the Culture,’ a new series from ‘Rolling Stone’ and HBO’s ‘Vinyl.’Nile Rodgers, rock journalist Legs McNeil and more recall the birth of punk and […]



Dani and Lizzy: Dancing in the Sky

Born and raised in Vancouver B.C twin sisters Dani and Lizzy put their minds together to combine their hip hop roots with soulful R&B vocals and pop style melodies to create a hybrid of music that is the best of all worlds. While the two singer/songwriters have a lifetime of shared experiences they are by no means carbon copies of each other and pride themselves on bringing their own unique […]


OK Go performs in zero-gravity for Upside Down & Inside Out

OK Go performs in zero-gravity for Upside Down & Inside Out music video Music: director and choreographer Trish Sie tells Dezeen about how she worked with US band OK Go to create the gravity-defying stunts in the music video for the track Upside Down & Inside Out (+ interview). The video sees the four-piece rock band perform a routine choreographed by Sie while experiencing weightlessness inside a moving plane. The […]



A Day in the Life (acoustic Beatles cover) - Mike Masse

Thanks to a mom and older sisters with excellent taste in music, Mike Massé was schooled from an early age on the essentials of rock: Beatles, Stones, Who, Clapton. He credits the Beatles with teaching him to sing and play guitar, as he studied their songs carefully in his teenage years. Mike went on to graduate with a music degree, followed by a law degree. As a college student and […]


The Cat Clash

The Cat Clash