Discover the new TwistGrip

TwistGrip is the premium universal smartphone clamp from Manfrotto, specifically devised for all smartphone users interested in smartphone photography who want to increase the potential of their device. The clamp connects any smartphone to any kind of support, functioning as a base for a complete modular photographic system. Its ¼” thread support connection and cold-shoe lighting connection give you the possibility to use TwistGrip in multiple configurations and with different […]



Steampunk 3D printed Guitar

Steampunk 3D printed Guitar The Steampunk 3D printed guitar: A tribute to one of my all-time favorite guitars, the Telecaster. This guitar features a 3D printed body with moving gears and piston. The entire body, including all its moving components is printed as a single component, with no further assembly required. The Steampunk paint job was done by New Zealand airbrush artist Ron van Dam. The body was printed using […]



The Wintergatan Marble Machine is a wacky, whimsical musical

A huge music box-like device plays music using 2,000 marbles; plus, researchers show off a stretchable circuit that might someday evolve into robotic skin. Source: The Wintergatan Marble Machine is a wacky, whimsical musical instrument (Tomorrow Daily) – CNET



Introducing Vantage Robotic's Snap. The first safe portable flying camera.

Snap is the safe, portable, easy to use flying camera. To learn more about the product or to pre-order, visit




I just started using this software recently. It cost nothing and gets everything. I liked it so much I purchased a stand alone box that hooked right up to my TV. I Cancelled my Netfix, My Hulu and Amazon Prime.